We Take Care is an organization with a vision to provide specialized and hassle-free medical services to patients at the comfort of their home. The professional medical services at home by trained male and female nurses and attendants reduce the hospital expenditure of patients and also allow the family members to remain close to the patient.

How can we Help You?

We understand that every patient requires complete attention. The family members cannot provide complete attention, as they also have to attend their own businesses, work and professional duties. The patient finds it difficult to have someone standing by the bedside in nuclear families. In many cases, both husband and wife are working, and children have to attend school. None of them can remain at home for more than a single day. They do not want to neglect the patient; after all, the patient is also part of their family. But unfortunate situations also compels them to sacrifices their jobs or business, which adds to the worry and stress of the family, already facing mental agony.

Here we come in this picture to relieve the burden of the patient's family. The medical services offered by us allow family members to attend to their personal and professional responsibilities without worrying about the patient. The knowledge that a patient is in safe professional hands is a huge stress reliever to the family members.

Home Nursing Services

We provide qualified and certified Nursing and Medical services and facilities to ensure that the entire medication regimen is followed without a miss. The personal attendants provided by us also take care of the patient's day to day care. The nursing staff takes care of the medical requirements.

The daily period and total duration of the medical services from us at home depend on the condition of the patient and the need for the medical services as per the treatment plan of the patient. The services can be for 12 hours or 24 hours.

Physiotherapy at Home

Besides taking care of patients at home, we also offer Physiotherapy services by professional and certified physiotherapists to anyone who needs such services at home. The physiotherapy is also for sportsmen, seniors and elders recovery from any form of injuries. The professional works with the patients to help them get back to normal life faster.

Medical Equipment

The clients, who just need medical equipment to make the life of a patient comfortable at home, can choose any medical instruments like hospital beds, wheelchairs and orthopedic support system from us. We provide Medical Equipment on Rent or sale at reasonable rates.


Every Patient is unique why choose US?

  • Great Facilities

    Great Facilities

    We use latest medical equipments for faster recovery. Our comprehensive experience helps us to provide right and superior teartment to our patients.
  • Qualified Doctors

    Qualified Doctors

    Our expert super speciality doctors provide trouble free services at your own home.
  • Emergency Departments

    Emergency Departments

    We offer 24-hour medical care and doorstep sample collection for your convenience.
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