Medical Equipment on Rent

Medical Equipment on Rent Purchase in Delhi

We bring you the quality Medical Equipment on Rent Purchase in Delhi to improve the quality of life of a patient and help the family ensure quick rehabilitation and recovery from the comfort of home. The professionally managed company is being led by the vision of its founder Dr. Sandhya Thakkar, to offer quality medical care and equipment at home to patients.

The comprehensive range of medical equipment makes it easy for a patient's family to give complete medical support at home. The range makes it easy for the family members or home nursing service team to make life comfortable for the patient. The use of proper equipment and hospital beds not only provides comfort to the patient but also enables proper care and medication.

Popular Medical Equipment People Buy or Rent with us

Following medical equipment for purchase is offered on affordable costs to clients. The comprehensive list includes:

  • Nebulizer
  • Both manual and Digital blood pressure monitor
  • Blood glucose monitor
  • Non-contact thermometer
  • Stethoscope
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Steam vaporizer, and
  • Urinal pot

Medical Equipment on Rent or Purchase

Along with almost all medical equipment, we make sure that everything that makes it easy to offer medical services to the patient at home should be part of the rent and purchase list. Our range also includes:

  • Hospital beds - Manual beds, motorized beds, electric beds, with leg raise, back raise, Hi LO, tilt features
  • Wheelchairs - Manual, electric, commode wheelchair, recliner wheelchair, sports wheelchair, with specific controls, individualized controls, and features for some specific activities,
  • Oxygen concentrators for a patient who requires oxygen
  • Portable oxygen concentrators, and stationary oxygen concentrators
  • Patient monitors to monitor the vitals of a patient
  • Ventilator for breathing air into the lungs of a patient experiencing breathing difficulty
  • DVT pumps, IV stand, Food table
  • Foldable bedside screen
  • Foldable walkers, Walking sticks
  • Elbow crutches, Backrest, Hot water bottle
  • Orthopedic support system

To support the faster recovery of a patient with arm, finger and shoulder injuries, we offer lumbosacral belt, cervical collar, cervical pillow, arm sling, knee support, ankle support, elbow supporter, wrist support, compression garment, leg traction brace, and finger splint.

The Medical Equipment on Rent Purchase in Delhi by us is kept in excellent working condition and checked by the qualified technical team of the company. We never compromise with the quality of the medical equipment. We take it as seriously, as our medical profession.