Physiotherapy at Home

Physiotherapy at Home in Delhi NCR

The need for physiotherapy can arise at any age. The shrinkage space for physical activities in our daily schedule, stressful and hectic lifestyle, all combine to create conditions, which often, lead to body ache at various places. The old age, in itself, is one of the biggest factors behind stiff joints, back pain and inability to move freely. If you or someone in your family is suffering through such a painful experience then Physiotherapy at home is the right treatment to do.

We ensure that patients find is easy to get the services of an experienced physiotherapist in the comfort of home. We understand that it becomes extremely difficult for a patient to move physically out of their home and visit the physiotherapy clinic. Our aim is to help patients who are either unable to visit a clinic due to their old age or ailments or willing to get proper health care services and treatments at their home.

Benefits of Physiotherapy at Home in New Delhi include:

  • Specialized Services in the Comfort of Home
  • Reduces the Physical Discomfort to Patients
  • Ensures Efficient Pain Control
  • Complete Rehabilitation and Recovery at Home
  • Easy Exercises under Professional Guidance and help for Optimal Range of motion for the Joints
  • Helps in Regaining Stability and easy with Renewed Confidence
  • Help in the reduction of dependence on others
  • Improves Balance and Coordination
  • Better quality of life

The Physiotherapy at Home in Delhi NCR comprises both basic and advanced physiotherapy services.

Basic Physiotherapy Services

Basic Physiotherapy Services help patients with the following issues:

  • Physiotherapy at Home in Delhi NCR cures lower and mechanical lower back pain problems.
  • Knee pain management service
  • Services are offered for knee-related problems like ACL injury, fractures, knee bursitis, and arthritis.
  • Basic physiotherapy services also offer relief from Neck pain, shoulder pain, and frozen shoulder.

Advanced physiotherapy services

Advanced physiotherapy services help patients with more chronic issues.

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation is for patients suffering from chronic respiratory conditions and ongoing lung diseases.
  • Stroke rehabilitation brings patients back into active life post heart surgery, stroke or partial and complete paralysis.
  • Neurological condition physiotherapy cover comprehensive issues such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, dystonia, chronic regional pain syndrome, Guillain-Barre syndrome, cerebral palsy, Bells palsy, and myositis
  • Musculoskeletal disorders physiotherapy helps patients suffering from any one of comprehensive issues that come under the musculoskeletal disorder, from muscle strain to carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon strain, arthritis, poorly aligned joints, degenerative joints, age-related joints, tendonitis, lupus, joint instability, osteoarthritis.
  • Patients recovering from knee replacement surgery, hip replacement, tendon surgery, ligament surgery, spinal cord injury surgery, reconstructive, lymph node replacement, get faster recovery with physiotherapy services.

We have over 15 years of experience and have a panel of Certified Doctors, Physicians, Physiotherapists connected us and offer premium healthcare services at home. So if you are feeling sick and need quick treatment at home then Book an Appointment with We Take Care to say good bye to pain.